The official BBC Earth Quiz

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In this project I worked as an Art Director, 3D Artist and UI Artist.
I had the pleasure to cooperate close with two great artists, Peer Poepperling who animated all of the land animals
and Johannes Grewer who did amazing 2d art, concept art and even helped on building the 3d models.
You can find their portfolios right here:

Final Product

BBC Earth Quiz was developed for Android and iOS devices. For the final product we created
three unique environments with over 20 different animals, hundreds of pictures to unlock and
thousands of questions the user can get asked.
You can download the game for you platform over at our website:
Tiny Roar

User Interface

I was also responsible for all the UI/UX design, the integration to Unity3D and created all achievement badges and app icons

Project Development

While developing this project we tried different approaches how the user could explore the world of BBC Earth Quiz.
The final results is a fully modeled 3d environments the player can navigate through to give him/her the best experience of exploration.
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