Crazy Maze

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In Crazy Maze you play as Jimmy Janga who wants to become the best taxi cap driver in the world of crazy maze.
This game was created with a brought casual audience in mind. I tried to create the assets as playful as possible and
make kid like grownups enjoying the art style.
You can download the game for you platform over at our website:
Tiny Roar

User Interface

I created the hole user interface for this project, including variations of icons, logos and marketing material

Project Development

After our first main character, the Fox, was rejected by the publisher we had to work on new ideas for our main characters.
We asked Joschi Baumann aka Schlogger for some character sketches because we thought that her art style might fit really well
to our world. After we decided on the character, I did some color tests to see in which direction we want to head.
Website of Schlogger
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